So you’ve made the big move to your new apartment, full of hope and excitement for your new space. You walk into your new kitchen only to realize – uh oh – there’s no space for fridge in kitchen. Panic sets in as you begin to wonder where you’ll store your groceries, and whether or not you’ll have to resort to using a mini fridge.

Oh, trust me, I know the feeling all too well. I’ve been in your shoes before, in a small kitchen like yours. That’s why I’ve got a full list of tailored solutions just for your situation. And if you don’t believe me, well, then you’ll just have to read on and see for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Situation #1: You can’t change the kitchen layout and also your fridge

So you’re stuck with a less-than-ideal kitchen layout in your rental apartment, and buying a new fridge just isn’t in the cards. Don’t fret, there are still plenty of solutions to make it work.

Turn the fridge into a part of the layout

If we have to live with it, live happily with it. ❤️

Build your cabinets around your fridge and make it an extra wall

No space for fridge in kitchen - Build your cabinets around your fridge and make it an extra wall

One option is to build cabinets around your fridge, thereby making it a wall in your small kitchen. This not only saves you room, but it also gives your small kitchen a sleek and modern appearance.

Plus, you can add some decorative touches to the cabinet doors to make them blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen decor. Just imagine, no more awkwardly placing your fridge in a corner and struggling to open the door without hitting the wall. It’s a win-win!

Make it a decoration oasis

Who says your fridge can’t be a work of art? Another solution for small kitchens with limited space is to transform your fridge into a decorative oasis. Put some antique decoration above it, add some colorful magnets, fun stickers, or even paint it with a vibrant hue to make it a statement piece in your kitchen.

Make it a decoration oasis

Not only does this add some personality and charm to your space, but it also draws the eye away from the fact that your fridge is taking up valuable real estate. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personal style and creativity. Who knows, your fridge might just become the envy of all your friends!

Sacrifice some spaces

In the worst-case scenario, you may have to make the tough decision to sacrifice some valuable kitchen real estate for your fridge, as it is an essential appliance. However, with some smart solutions, you can make the most out of your limited space without feeling like you’re losing anything at all.

Use the adjacency room

If you have a dining room or a living room right next to your kitchen, why not use that space for eating instead of trying to squeeze a table into the kitchen? Or, if you have an open kitchen-living room, you can create a whole new area that seamlessly integrates the two spaces. By utilizing the adjacent room, you can make room for your fridge without sacrificing any precious kitchen real estate.

Use space-saving furniture

Use space-saving furniture

Another simple solution is: space-saving furniture. By utilizing space-saving chairs and tables that can be easily folded or stacked, you can make more room for your fridge without sacrificing your dining area. And if you really want to maximize your space, consider investing in a kitchen island that can double as a table. Not only will it provide extra seating, but it also offers additional storage options. The more space is saved, the happier the fridge will be!

Remove some cabinets

If you find that some of your cabinets are taking up too much space in your kitchen and not serving their purpose effectively, consider removing them to make more room for your fridge. Soft ware cabinets can be removed without affecting the layout of your kitchen. This solution not only frees up space but also gives you the opportunity to redesign the layout of your kitchen, making it more functional and enjoyable to use.

Situation #2: You can’t change the kitchen layout but you can switch to another fridge

So, you can change the fridge? That’s half of the problem solved! Now it’s down to choosing the right fridge that can turn your small kitchen into a masterpiece. No more sacrifice! Yay!

Buy a Slim but Tall Fridge

Buy a Slim but Tall Fridge

As small kitchens become more common, many people find a full size fridge too big for space they have. Therefore, slim but tall fridges have been gaining popularity. Not only do they take up less floor space, but a slim fridge can also become a part of the kitchen layout, effectively acting as an aesthetically pleasing column in the whole design. 

This can be particularly useful in tight spaces where every inch counts. So, if you’re looking to maximize your kitchen’s storage without sacrificing precious floor space, a slim but tall fridge may just be the perfect solution for you.

Install a Bar Fridge Instead of a Regular Fridge

Install a Bar Fridge Instead of a Regular Fridge

The Bar Fridge is an interesting option! Think about it: It’s sleek, it’s compact, and it’s perfect for those of us with limited space. And who says you need a full-sized fridge anyway? With a bar fridge, you can store just enough to keep you going for a few days without overcrowding your kitchen. 

It can also be readily fitted beneath your countertop, saving you even more space. As a result, if you don’t want a lot of fridge storage and don’t cook much, this is the ideal alternative.

Buy a Mini-fridge

Buy a Mini-fridge

If you’re living solo and don’t have friends frequently coming over, then buying a mini-fridge could be the perfect solution to your kitchen storage woes. With its compact size, a mini-fridge can easily fit into tight spaces and won’t take up much-needed room in your kitchen. 

Plus, it’s energy-efficient and can save you money on your electricity bill in the long run. Not to mention, you can customize it to fit your style by choosing from a variety of colors and designs.

Buy a retro-inspired fridge

Buy a retro-inspired fridge - SMEG

If it has to stand alone, make it a bold statement.

If you’re looking for a fridge with more storage space, can’t sacrifice space, but still want to make a statement in your kitchen, why not go for a retro-inspired fridge? Not everyone can go with a mini size or thin fridge, especially if you need to store a lot of food. Instead, you can turn your fridge into a piece of art with a vintage design. 

We’ve all admired the SMEG fridge, but they can come with a hefty price tag. However, there are other brands like Galanz and Frigidaire that offer similar retro fridge/freezer designs for under $1,000. So not only will you have a functional fridge, but you can also add a touch of personality and style to your kitchen.

Situation #3: You can remodel the small kitchen

Imagine having the power of the Infinity Stones to remodel your kitchen however you like, just to make space for your fridge. Sounds easy enough, right? But why settle for just functionality when you could turn your kitchen into a heavenly oasis? Seize this opportunity to create your dream kitchen!

Go for integrated fridge

Go for integrated fridge

Not only does an integrated fridge blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets, but it also frees up valuable floor plans. Plus, it adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen that will make all your friends green with envy.

Go for integrated fridge

If your kitchen is near the stairs, that’s all the more reason to consider an integrated fridge. By cleverly fitting the fridge into the staircase wall, you can maximize your kitchen space and add an unexpected element of surprise. Not to mention, this unique solution is sure to impress all your guests and earn you major design points. Plus, it’s a smart way to make the most of an otherwise underutilized area in your home.

Remove some part of the counter top

If you’re looking for a simple solution to make room for your fridge, consider removing some part of the countertop. This can free up valuable space and make your kitchen feel more open and airy. Plus, it’s an affordable alternative to a full kitchen remodel. To make the most of the space above the fridge, you could also consider adding upper cabinets or storage units. 

This will not only give you a lot of space for storages, but also create a cohesive look in your kitchen. Just be sure to measure the height and width of your fridge beforehand to ensure a proper fit. With a little creativity and some strategic planning, you can make your kitchen feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Buy counter-depth fridge

Buy counter-depth fridge

After making some space by removing part of your countertop, you might think any old fridge will do. But why settle for ordinary when you can opt for extraordinary? That’s where a counter-depth fridge comes in. By choosing a new counter-depth model, you’ll not only have ample space for your groceries, but also create the illusion of a larger kitchen. 

Final thoughts – No space for fridge in kitchen

Above are 12 creative and practical solutions for those struggling with limited fridge space in their kitchens. From decluttering to downsizing, incorporating innovative storage solutions to remodeling the kitchen layout, there are plenty of options to choose from. I hope they answered your question “Where to put fridge in small kitchen?”

Remember, you don’t have to settle for a cramped and cluttered kitchen just because of a lack of fridge space. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can transform your kitchen into a functional and inviting space that meets all your needs. 

Don’t be discouraged by the challenge – embrace it as an opportunity to get creative and try something new. With these solutions in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your unique needs and preferences.

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